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Well, it’s been three months since I’ve found the time to get back to the blog. But now that I just wrapped up my first quarter of coursework at UCLA, it seems like a good time to poke my head out from the mountains of reading and say hello to all my friends on the internet. If Andrew can do it in the middle of a book project, and Rachel can find the time between coursework, a radio internship, and the unrequited love of jazz nerds, then who am I to complain?

As the photo shows, winter in Los Angeles can be tough, but so far I’m managing to survive. This city is a strange and different urban animal, but I do feel extremely blessed to be here, even when I have been overwhelmingly busy and unable to enjoy an afternoon in the Santa Monica sand.  Read the rest of this entry »

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  • RT @zeynep: Dear NYC, where I'm at right now. The reason to panic about Ebola is not a few cases here but our global failure.… 5 hours ago
  • RT @neiltyson: I wonder if social media atheists ever use "OMG". If so, they probably intended to type "OYG". 5 hours ago
  • RT @jalylah: Not everyone is a terrorist. Some people are just crazy. 5 hours ago
  • RT @JonesOnTheNBA: People that make fun of Nash’s late career injury struggle should all be cursed with back problems 5 hours ago
  • RT @netw3rk: It's unfortunate that Nash's two MVP's are used to argue against him more than for him. 5 hours ago
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