It’s official …

I am now writing professionally about jazz.  Many thanks to Tim Wilkins, the Encyclopedia’s editor, for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians.  There is a lot of really fantastic information there that you won’t find anywhere else online — it’s worth a minute of your internet browsing time for sure.  Two other great trombonists’ bios were also posted this week: Kai Winding and Grachan Moncur III.  This week’s developments have quadrupled the presence of trombonists listed in the Encyclopedia, as these three join JJ Johnson in the ranks of those profiled.

I hope that you enjoy having more information about Jack Teagarden than you’ll ever need.  At least if you ever run into this guy, you can tell him that his great-uncle was a pretty cool dude (note the scouting report at the bottom of the page).

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