When I started this blog, I hoped that my perspective and writing could help shed some light on what I dubbed “the definition-resistant tradition we call jazz.”  I hope that my thoughts so far have proven to be somewhat successful in that regard, but I think that there’s an even better way to dig into it: reading yours.  So I’ve started a new section of Lubricity.  Take a look up at the top of the page and you see a new section: “What the Heck is Jazz?”  There, you can leave a comment with your own answer to the question.  I have a couple up already to get you started.

Can you finish the sentence that begins “Jazz is …”?  I challenge you to give it a shot.  Later, I’ll toss some more provocations under that page and see what you have to say.  I look forward to reading what you come up with.

Note: I’ve closed comments on this post, because I want you to click over to the new page and take a shot at defining jazz.  If you have something else to say, try popping a tweet to @arodjazz.  Also, if you pass on the link, it’s better to link to the “What the Heck is Jazz?” page than to this post.