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Well, I’ve done it again: stop posting for two weeks and fail to update my readership on the situation.  My apologies.

I have previously hinted that this might happen, but now it’s official: real life requires my full attention and focus right now, and there just isn’t space for me to publish writing here that meets my own standards of quality and personal investment.

During my time off, though, I’ll be thinking about how to move forward with Lubricity, so expect improvements and a higher degree of general awesomeness upon my return.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my thoughts on the jazz discourse.  I look forward to offering further contributions upon my return.  In the meantime, add your two cents on “What the Heck is Jazz?” and check out some of the other excellent sites on the blogroll.

See you soon!

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  • RT @sarahjeong: if "a few violent protesters" means you have to disperse/arrest an entire protest, what does "a few violent cops" mean for … 31 minutes ago
  • RT @ProfJeffJarvis: Astonishing to see Periscopes of a near-empty #WCHD, after most reporters left in Ubers for Baltimore. 32 minutes ago
  • RT @aliciagarza: If you care more about broken windows than broken families, you need to re-calibrate your human meter. People > property. 35 minutes ago
  • RT @AVAETC: Wondered if anyone would bring up Baltimore on red carpet or dinner convos. But no. Light chatter ruled the night. #WHCD #Fredd1 hour ago
  • RT @sarahkendzior: So tired of "What about black on black crime?" question. Not only a derailment but disrespectful to the great efforts of… 13 hours ago

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