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I’m finally recovering from my whirlwind weekend in Montreal, where I attended the McGill Graduate Music Symposium, a three-day graduate student musicology conference put on by the McGill Music Graduate Students Society. It was the first time in my brief academic career that I attended a conference like this, and I had such a blast that I came a step closer to embracing my inner nerd.

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I just heard back from a close friend in Chile and thought this would be a good place to pass along word of the Chilean jazz community in the wake of the mega-earthquake that hit the country over the weekend.  Santiago Cerda Contreras (pictured) is a jazz composer, arranger and director of Los Andes Big Band, Chile’s preeminent jazz ensemble.

I just caught up with Santiago via gchat — apparently power has just been restored to his village of Penaflor in the past few hours.  He told me that nobody in his family has been hurt, and that the Chilean jazz community as a whole has not suffered any personal tragedies.  Los Andes Big Band had a close call, though, having just returned from a tour in the tsunami-ravaged southern coastal region. Read the rest of this entry »

I finally had the opportunity to get out and hear some live music this weekend, last night at Trumpet’s Jazz Club.  Even though the club is only a few blocks from my apartment, it took the encouragement of my friend Sean to finally make it out there to see a show.

It was also the first time that I heard Vic Juris perform live, I only knew that he was one of the legends of the New Jersey jazz scene and a professor at Mason Gross in New Brunswick.  Knowing nothing about the venue, the group, or even much about Juris, I was prepared to be surprised.

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