Kind Of A Big Deal: Wayne Shorter @ Town Hall

It has been an eventful week leading up to Wayne Shorter’s much-anticipated concert at Town Hall tomorrow night, his first NYC appearance since 2008.

I wrote a preview that ran in the Star-Ledger on Friday, so there’s that, but the beauty of the internet is that there’s oh so much more!

First of all, Josh Jackson over at The Checkout has an absolute must-hear interview. I also had the pleasure of talking on the phone with Mr. Shorter for my preview, and heard some similar takes on what he gave Josh (more on that below), but Josh manages to get in deep — Shorter really opens up. (And as you can hear at the WBGO blog, Shorter coined an excellent term to describe Josh’s voice during a dropped call.)

Also, Patrick Jarenwattananon of A Blog Supreme talked with Michelle Mercer, Shorter’s biographer — very insightful commentary from someone who knows him well.

Jim Macnie culled some interviews to come up with five great Wayne Shorter quotes.

I also had some quotes from the interview that didn’t make the final cut for the Ledger piece. Enjoy:

“If someone doesn’t like something, a lot of the roots of that are from not being informed. But I want people to walk away inspired to be more informed about themselves.”

“I got a letter from a dentist, he said ‘I want to be a better dentist, a better father, a better husband, a more informed citizen’ – this came from Austria.”

“One of the greatest challenges is to perform – as a taxi driver, as a surgeon, what have you – is to perform your so-called profession in a way that equals eternity. How do you put those together? We’re in the world, man.”

And my personal favorite:

“When you’re playing a place like [New York], you really go for the ultimate – how do you spell the truth? You just go out and spell it.”

How do you spell the truth? Let me know in the comments.

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