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It’s been another one of those blog dry-spells the past few months, what with the winding down of my life on the East Coast, gearing up for Los Angeles, and, you know, actually writing for a living every once in awhile. I’ve stopped posting individual links to my weekly Star-Ledger columns, but you Jersey locals can stay hip the scene by subscribing to the Star-Ledger Jazz RSS feed. Some good stuff has passed through recently!

Rather than go back and make separate posts, I’ve included links below to all of the other writing projects that have kept me busy this summer, in the style of STUFF WHAT I HAVE WROTE, the monthly series by one of my favorite citizens of the jazz blogosphere, Phil Freeman: Read the rest of this entry »

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  • RT @Keguro_: Open Access provides one kind of access—I’m not sure making work open access necessarily makes it public scholarship. #incomp16 hours ago
  • RT @suey_park: Your version of "justice" cannot mean violence for others. 3 days ago
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