Preview: “Deconstructing the Hang” @ EMP Pop Conference


Mary Lou Williams and Jack Teagarden, hanging

I’m taking a quick break from my finals week bonanza (this quarter system really takes some getting used to) with a link for those of you who might be curious to take a look at what I’ll be presenting next week at the EMP Pop Conference in New York. It’s a preview of my paper, “Deconstructing the Hang: Urban Spaces as Cross-Cultural Contexts for Jazz Improvisation.”

If you’ll pardon the slightly cumbersome academic prose, I’d love to hear what any of you think about the idea — that “the hang” as it is conceived of in the jazz community has something to offer those engaging in ethnographic fieldwork more generally. Again, the link is here — thanks for taking a look, and if you’re in New York next week, I hope to see you there on Saturday from 4-6 p.m.

Clearly, it’s worth checking out, because even Stephen Colbert is jealous that he won’t be presenting on an awesome panel with David Adler, Nate Chinen and Phil Freeman!

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4 Responses to Preview: “Deconstructing the Hang” @ EMP Pop Conference

  1. Alex,

    Your presentation was effective and thought provoking. I wish we got more time to speak after the event. I hope you will enjoy my review, especially the title 😉

    • arodjazz says:

      Thanks! Glad you came, and I appreciated your question about technology during the Q&A — something I intend to consider in more depth as I continue this research.

      • You are pursuing a great avenue in the world of jazz. I commented to Paul Bresnick after the event how much value you added to your panel of esteemed colleagues.

        Do keep me informed going forward Alex.

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