Bringing Back the Music


My new practice space in Easthampton, MA

Click here to contribute to the Buddhist Peace Fellowship’s fall fundraising campaign!

This work arises from a pure and loving commitment

To victory over the forces of materialism

And trust in the bodhichitta of society

Just over a year ago, I was wrapping up my participation in Spiritual Activist Support, a six-month training program put together by the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. My final “assignment” for the program was to ritualistically seal my intentions for transformative social change by singing these phrases and burning the piece of paper they had been written on over a small candle. The melody that you hear in the audio above emerged from that spontaneous ritual.

This experience marked an important turning point in my relationship to my Buddhist practice—I realized that the creative, aspirational experiences that I had been a part of through grassroots organizing could also be distilled in music. Now that I’m finally settling into a new home, I have the space to start to explore this a bit more deeply. That’s why I’ve taken this on for a 30-day Challenge fundraiser for the Buddhist Peace Fellowship: bringing music to my daily practice! I’m a week in now, having been sitting and practicing trombone every day as part of a lovely contemplative routine. And tomorrow is the last day that donors who contribute $30 or more can pick up a very stylish BPF t-shirt as a thank-you gift.

Also, everyone who donates will receive an original improvised trombone melody, composed by me on the spot at the end of my daily sessions. I love sending these out—they give me a very unique and personal way to connect with you, even for a moment, no matter where in the world you are. And that connection generates resources for an incredible organization that’s doing great work to help the Dharma flourish in these challenging times. So thanks for chipping in, and I hope to play you a little song of gratitude soon!

Click here to contribute to the Buddhist Peace Fellowship’s fall fundraising campaign!

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