Welcome to the World, Nico!

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Tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating my 35th birthday, and first as a father. Nicolás Aleksandr Rodríguez (you can call him Nico) was born on September 11, 2019—a month earlier than we were expecting! He’s growing fast, I’m totally in love with him, and also so incredibly grateful to everyone who has already sent along love, aspirations, and cool baby stuff. It’s all been quite a blur, to be honest, but Marina and I couldn’t be happier to have him in our lives. On this next trip around the sun, I plan to be writing a lot more—so expect more from this space as I figure that out. And in the meantime, our new family welcomes any positive thoughts and wishes that you’d like to offer!

About Alex Rodríguez

Writer, Organizer, Trombonist
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2 Responses to Welcome to the World, Nico!

  1. Sue StMichael says:

    Congratulations Alex and Marina. So happy for you!! Sue St.Michael

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