About Alex

Alex W. Rodriguez is a writer, improviser, trombonist and PhD student in Ethnomusicology at UCLA, where his current research focuses on jazz clubs around the world and the creative improvised music communities that surround them. Drawing from ethnographic case studies in three countries, this research will be included in his doctoral dissertation, “Making Jazz Space: Clubs and Creative Music Practice in California, Chile, and Siberia” under the direction of Steven Loza, Robin Kelley, David MacFadyen, James Newton, and Timothy Taylor. It is based on fieldwork research conducted in Los Angeles, California from 2012-2016, Santiago, Chile from 2015-2016, and Novosibirsk, Siberia in fall 2016. Alex is currently based in Portland, Oregon, USA, while writing his dissertation.

To read more about Alex, read his Biography or view his Academic CV.


5 Responses to About Alex

  1. Oni says:

    Good job Alex.


  2. Neal says:

    Hey Alex,
    Just found your site, but I’ve been checking out people on your blogroll for a little while now.
    That’s funny about how you chose the name in homage to monk and bird. I like that.
    Catch you later
    -Neal (SaxStation)


  4. Ian Lyndon says:


    Just discovered your site and I really like it! I am also a blogger, except I cover more of the modern jazz players. It is interesting to see another persons perspective on what they feel are important to them in jazz.

    Ian Lyndon (Jazz in Perspective)

  5. ian says:

    I’ve just found your blog through allaboutjazz, nice concept and writing. Your writing inspire me a alot

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