PhD Dissertation: Making Jazz Space

Right now, I’m in the midst of writing my Ph.D. dissertation in the UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology, entitled “Making Jazz Space: Clubs and Creative Practice in California, Chile, and Siberia.” It consists of four chapters, four narrative interludes that allow the reader to follow my moves through time and space as a jazz anthropologist, plus and introduction and conclusion.

Below is a table of contents with links to drafts of completed sections. I welcome feedback on these as I write them! Just make sure to get it to me before I submit the final draft in mid-March. To do so, just send me an email! (In some sections, it will also be possible to leave a comment directly on the page.) I’m especially interested in hearing from readers about what I’m leaving out that I could include in each region.

Introduction: Nowhere, Now Here

Chapter 1: Throwing Jazz History a Jazz Curve

This chapter offers a brief overview of jazz activity in three places at three moments in the 20th century.

1917: California, Chile, Russia

1959: California, Chile, Russia

1990: California, Chile, Russia

Fade In: Portland to Los Angeles, 1991-2011

This interlude traces my jazz activity from growing up in Portland through the travels that brought me to UCLA in the fall of 2011.

Chapter 2: Creating Space for Creative Music at bluewhale, Live Jazz and Art Space

This chapter focuses on fieldwork conducted from 2012-2017 at the Los Angeles jazz club bluewhale.

Crossfade: Los Angeles to Santiago, 2012-2015

This interlude follows my travels from Los Angeles to Santiago, starting with an initial trip in July 2013 and incorporating various other stops along the way.

Chapter 3: Hearing the Hang at Thelonious, Lugar de Jazz

This chapter focuses on fieldwork conducted from 2015-2016 at the Santiago jazz club Thelonious, Lugar de Jazz.

Remix: Santiago to Novosibirsk, 2016

This interlude follows my chaotic, improvised five-month journey from Santiago to Novosibirsk from May-October 2016.

Chapter 4: Improvising Musical Fieldwork at Truba Jazz Club

This chapter focuses on my brief fieldwork stint in October-November 2016 at the Novosibirsk jazz club Truba.

Fade Out: Novosibirsk to Portland, 2016-2017

This interlude follows my return from Novosibirsk to Portland, where I have settled for the past year while writing this dissertation.

Conclusion: The Space Of Jazz To Come