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Conrad Herwig: Amazing musician and teacher

This year has blessed me with a series of steps forward for which I am very grateful, many of them related to my work in jazz documented here from May through September.  I thought that a look back at this past year, the first in which I have really found a home in the jazz community, would be a good way to start my 2010 blogging odyssey anew.

2009 began with a big move:  just after Christmas, I drove from California to New Jersey, arriving on January 2nd.  Along the way, I stopped for lunch in Vernon, TX, Jack Teagarden’s hometown, which I learned was completely in the absolute middle of nowhere and smells like cow pies.  My girlfriend Marina joined me for the trip, and we celebrated the new year inauspiciously at a Days Inn in Roanoke, Virginia.  Read the rest of this entry »

Jack Teagarden's New Year's Greeting courtesy of Michael Steinman at Jazz Lives

Happy New Year, everyone!

If you’re reading this, that means you’ve figured out that my “lubricious hiatus” is officially over — call it my “New Year’s Resolution” to return to the blogging life.

For now, I expect things to be about the same as they were before my break in October: posts about once a week, short essays on whatever is inspiring me to contribute to the online jazz discourse.

Since my retreat into academia, I’ve developed a keener sense of my commitment to academic discourse about jazz.  This semester, I’m going to be especially engaged in academic analysis that explores the history of how jazz has been represented in writing — in particular, the career of that goofy-looking trombonist on the Down Beat cover, Jack Teagarden.

Feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed, follow me on Twitter, or leave a comment below to welcome me back to the jazz internets.  More content coming soon …

Well, I’ve done it again: stop posting for two weeks and fail to update my readership on the situation.  My apologies.

I have previously hinted that this might happen, but now it’s official: real life requires my full attention and focus right now, and there just isn’t space for me to publish writing here that meets my own standards of quality and personal investment.

During my time off, though, I’ll be thinking about how to move forward with Lubricity, so expect improvements and a higher degree of general awesomeness upon my return.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my thoughts on the jazz discourse.  I look forward to offering further contributions upon my return.  In the meantime, add your two cents on “What the Heck is Jazz?” and check out some of the other excellent sites on the blogroll.

See you soon!

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