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Well, I’ve done it again: stop posting for two weeks and fail to update my readership on the situation.  My apologies.

I have previously hinted that this might happen, but now it’s official: real life requires my full attention and focus right now, and there just isn’t space for me to publish writing here that meets my own standards of quality and personal investment.

During my time off, though, I’ll be thinking about how to move forward with Lubricity, so expect improvements and a higher degree of general awesomeness upon my return.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my thoughts on the jazz discourse.  I look forward to offering further contributions upon my return.  In the meantime, add your two cents on “What the Heck is Jazz?” and check out some of the other excellent sites on the blogroll.

See you soon!

When I started this blog, I hoped that my perspective and writing could help shed some light on what I dubbed “the definition-resistant tradition we call jazz.”  I hope that my thoughts so far have proven to be somewhat successful in that regard, but I think that there’s an even better way to dig into it: reading yours.  So I’ve started a new section of Lubricity.  Take a look up at the top of the page and you see a new section: “What the Heck is Jazz?”  There, you can leave a comment with your own answer to the question.  I have a couple up already to get you started.

Can you finish the sentence that begins “Jazz is …”?  I challenge you to give it a shot.  Later, I’ll toss some more provocations under that page and see what you have to say.  I look forward to reading what you come up with.

Note: I’ve closed comments on this post, because I want you to click over to the new page and take a shot at defining jazz.  If you have something else to say, try popping a tweet to @arodjazz.  Also, if you pass on the link, it’s better to link to the “What the Heck is Jazz?” page than to this post.

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